KSFoundation  [April-2021]
A platform for simpler EPIC programming on GE MR systems

#include <KSFoundation.h>

Data Fields

KS_READWAVE readwave
KS_DESCRIPTION description
int available_acq_time
int spare_time_pre
int spare_time_post
int allowed_overflow_post
float paddingarea
int min_nover
int shifts [2]
int nover
float area2center
int time2center
int overflow_post
int acqdelay
float nsa
float efficiency
int rampsampling [4]

Field Documentation

◆ readwave

KS_READWAVE readwave

◆ description

KS_DESCRIPTION description

◆ available_acq_time

int available_acq_time

Time available to acquire data [us]

◆ spare_time_pre

int spare_time_pre

Time available before start of acquisition for ramping up and padding area

◆ spare_time_post

int spare_time_post

Time available from end of acquisition for ramping down and padding area

◆ allowed_overflow_post

int allowed_overflow_post

Allowed overflow duration where no sampling occurs

◆ paddingarea

float paddingarea

0 [default]: Minimum gradient area [(G/cm)*us] before and after the start of the sampling window

◆ min_nover

int min_nover

Minimum number of partial Fourier overscans.

◆ shifts

int shifts[2]

◆ nover

int nover

◆ area2center

float area2center

Partial Fourier (in freq.dir.). The number of partial Fourier overscans, honoring min_nover. (convenient information set by ks_eval_dixon_dualreadtrap() Gradient area until center of k-space (convenient information set by ks_eval_dixon_dualreadtrap())

◆ time2center

int time2center

Time [us] until center of k-space (convenient information set by ks_eval_dixon_dualreadtrap())

◆ overflow_post

int overflow_post

Necessary overflow duration, always <= allowed_overflow_post [us]

◆ acqdelay

int acqdelay

◆ nsa

float nsa

◆ efficiency

float efficiency

◆ rampsampling

int rampsampling[4]

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