KSFoundation  [April-2021]
A platform for simpler EPIC programming on GE MR systems
KS_GRADRFCTRL Struct Reference

#include <KSFoundation.h>

Data Fields

int numrf
int numtrap
int numwave
int numacq
int is_cleared_on_tgt

Detailed Description

typedef struct that is a part of the KS_SEQ_CONTROL typedef struct, used internally to collect gradient & RF usage for heating and SAR calcs. Should not be used directly.

KS_TRAP and KS_WAVE generate gradient heating and KS_RF generates both SAR to the patient and RF amplifier heating, and all three sequence objects must also produce waveforms that stay within the system power limits.

Each sequence module of a pulse sequence (incl. the main sequence module) must have a KS_SEQ_CONTROL, which in turn contains a KS_GRADRFCTRL that can reach each RF, TRAP, and WAVE object in that sequence module. For more information, see KS_SEQ_CONTROL and KS_SEQ_COLLECTION.

Field Documentation

◆ rfptr

allow max KS_MAXUNIQUE_RF, see also grad_rf_empty*h

◆ numrf

int numrf

Number of unique KS_RF in the sequence

◆ trapptr

allow max KS_MAXUNIQUE_TRAP different KS_TRAP

◆ numtrap

int numtrap

Number of unique KS_TRAP in the sequence

◆ waveptr

allow max KS_MAXUNIQUE_WAVE different KS_WAVE

◆ numwave

int numwave

Number of unique KS_WAVE in the sequence

◆ readptr

Allow max KS_MAXUNIQUE_READ readout instances

◆ numacq

int numacq

◆ is_cleared_on_tgt

int is_cleared_on_tgt

Number of readout instances flag indicating if gradrfctrl has been initialized on tgt

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