KSFoundation  [April-2021]
A platform for simpler EPIC programming on GE MR systems
KSEPI_DATATAG Struct Reference

#include <KSFoundation.h>

Data Fields

int16_t volume
uint16_t xres
uint16_t yres
uint16_t zres
int16_t shot
int16_t slice
uint16_t readout
uint8_t num_interleaves
uint8_t vol_type
uint8_t pass
uint8_t average
uint8_t echo_train

Field Documentation

◆ volume

int16_t volume

◆ xres

uint16_t xres

◆ yres

uint16_t yres

◆ zres

uint16_t zres

◆ shot

int16_t shot

◆ slice

int16_t slice

◆ readout

uint16_t readout

◆ num_interleaves

uint8_t num_interleaves

◆ vol_type

uint8_t vol_type

◆ pass

uint8_t pass

◆ average

uint8_t average

◆ echo_train

uint8_t echo_train

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