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KSFSE_SEQUENCE Struct Reference

Data Fields

KS_TRAP readdephaser
KS_PHASER phaseenc
KS_PHASER zphaseenc
KS_TRAP spoiler
KS_SELRF selrfexc
KS_SELRF selrfref1st
KS_SELRF selrfref2nd
KS_SELRF selrfref
KS_SELRF selrfrecover
KS_SELRF selrfrecoverref

Detailed Description

typedef struct holding all all gradients and waveforms for the ksfse sequence

Field Documentation

◆ seqctrl


Control object keeping track of the sequence and its components

◆ read

Readout trapezoid including data acquisition window

◆ readdephaser

KS_TRAP readdephaser

Static dephaser for readout trapezoid

◆ phaseenc

KS_PHASER phaseenc

Phase encoding (YGRAD). 2D & 3D

◆ zphaseenc

KS_PHASER zphaseenc

3D: Second phase encoding (ZGRAD)

◆ spoiler

KS_TRAP spoiler

Gradient spoiler after FSE train

◆ selrfexc

KS_SELRF selrfexc

Excitation RF pulse with slice select and rephasing gradient

◆ selrfref1st

KS_SELRF selrfref1st

First refocusing RF pulse

◆ selrfref2nd

KS_SELRF selrfref2nd

Second refocusing RF pulse

◆ selrfref

KS_SELRF selrfref

◆ selrfrecover

KS_SELRF selrfrecover

Optional Fast Recovery/T1-optimization refocusing RF pulse

◆ selrfrecoverref

KS_SELRF selrfrecoverref

Optional Fast Recovery/T1-optimization tip-up/down (to Mz) RF pulse

◆ phaseenc_plan


Phase encoding plan, for 2D and 3D use

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