KSFoundation  [April-2021]
A platform for simpler EPIC programming on GE MR systems
KSFoundation_GERF.h File Reference
#include <KSFoundation.h>


const KS_RF exc_fl901mc
const KS_RF exc_fse90
const KS_RF exc_fse902
const KS_RF exc_fl902mc
const KS_RF exc_ssfse90new
const KS_RF exc_3dfgre
const KS_RF exc_3d16min
const KS_RF exc_3d8min
const KS_RF exc_tbw8_01_001_150
const KS_RF exc_tbw6_01_001_150
const KS_RF exc_bw4_800us
const KS_RF ssfp_tbw2_1_01
const KS_RF ssfp_tbw3_01_001_pm_250
const KS_RF ssfp_3d_600us_01p_01s_10khz
const KS_RF excnonsel_fermi100
const KS_RF ref_se1b4
const KS_RF ref_fse1601
const KS_RF ref_fse1602
const KS_RF ref_fse160n
const KS_RF ref_ssfse155
const KS_RF refnonsel_fermi124
const KS_RF adinv_shNvrg5b
const KS_RF adinv_sh3t2
const KS_RF inv_invI0
const KS_RF spsp_ss1528822
const KS_WAVE spsp_ss1528822_gz
const KS_RF spsp_ss30260334
const KS_WAVE spsp_ss30260334_gz
const KS_RF spsp_spsp30104233
const KS_WAVE spsp_spsp30104233_gz
const KS_RF spsat_dblsatl0
const KS_RF spsatc_satqptbw12
const KS_RF chemsat_csm
const KS_RF chemsat_cs3t

Detailed Description

This is an auto-generated file that contains a selection of GE RF pulses converted to KS_RF objects.

To use one of these KS_RF pulses, do the following in the pulse sequence:

  1. Declare a KS_RF object in the @ipgexport section
    • KS_RF myrf = KS_INIT_RF;
  2. Assign the KS_RF object after choosing one in KSFoundation_GERF.h
    • e.g. myrf = exc_fse90


Efforts has been made to copy and correctly match a selection of GEs RF pulses (***.rho in $ESE_TOP/psd/psdrfpulses) with proper associated RF_PULSE structures into the RF format (KS_RF) used in KSFoundation. However, neither GE Healthcare nor Karolinska University Hospital takes any responsibility that the RF pulses available in this file for use in EPIC performs as their corresponding product RF pulses (***.rho). Absolutely no promises are made regarding correct flip angle, SAR calculation data, etc. on any MR system. Use of these RF pulses are at your own risk, and for investigational use only

Variable Documentation

◆ exc_fl901mc

const KS_RF exc_fl901mc

◆ exc_fse90

const KS_RF exc_fse90

◆ exc_fse902

const KS_RF exc_fse902

◆ exc_fl902mc

const KS_RF exc_fl902mc

◆ exc_ssfse90new

const KS_RF exc_ssfse90new

◆ exc_3dfgre

const KS_RF exc_3dfgre

◆ exc_3d16min

const KS_RF exc_3d16min

◆ exc_3d8min

const KS_RF exc_3d8min

◆ exc_tbw8_01_001_150

const KS_RF exc_tbw8_01_001_150

◆ exc_tbw6_01_001_150

const KS_RF exc_tbw6_01_001_150

◆ exc_bw4_800us

const KS_RF exc_bw4_800us

◆ ssfp_tbw2_1_01

const KS_RF ssfp_tbw2_1_01

◆ ssfp_tbw3_01_001_pm_250

const KS_RF ssfp_tbw3_01_001_pm_250

◆ ssfp_3d_600us_01p_01s_10khz

const KS_RF ssfp_3d_600us_01p_01s_10khz

◆ excnonsel_fermi100

const KS_RF excnonsel_fermi100

◆ ref_se1b4

const KS_RF ref_se1b4

◆ ref_fse1601

const KS_RF ref_fse1601

◆ ref_fse1602

const KS_RF ref_fse1602

◆ ref_fse160n

const KS_RF ref_fse160n

◆ ref_ssfse155

const KS_RF ref_ssfse155

◆ refnonsel_fermi124

const KS_RF refnonsel_fermi124

◆ adinv_shNvrg5b

const KS_RF adinv_shNvrg5b

◆ adinv_sh3t2

const KS_RF adinv_sh3t2

◆ inv_invI0

const KS_RF inv_invI0

◆ spsp_ss1528822

const KS_RF spsp_ss1528822

◆ spsp_ss1528822_gz

const KS_WAVE spsp_ss1528822_gz

◆ spsp_ss30260334

const KS_RF spsp_ss30260334

◆ spsp_ss30260334_gz

const KS_WAVE spsp_ss30260334_gz

◆ spsp_spsp30104233

const KS_RF spsp_spsp30104233

◆ spsp_spsp30104233_gz

const KS_WAVE spsp_spsp30104233_gz

◆ spsat_dblsatl0

const KS_RF spsat_dblsatl0

◆ spsatc_satqptbw12

const KS_RF spsatc_satqptbw12

◆ chemsat_csm

const KS_RF chemsat_csm

◆ chemsat_cs3t

const KS_RF chemsat_cs3t