KSFoundation  [April-2021]
A platform for simpler EPIC programming on GE MR systems
KS_SMS_INFO Struct Reference

#include <KSFoundation.h>

Data Fields

int mb_factor
float slice_gap
int pulse_type

Detailed Description

Internal typedef struct that is a part of the KS_SELRF typedef struct, used to store information about the pulses SMS properties.

  • mb_factor (number of slices simultaneously excited)
  • slice_gap (distance between two simultaneously excited slices)
  • pulse_type (ks_enum_smstype: what kind of pulse it is. PINS, PINS-DANTE or regular multiplexed pulse)

Field Documentation

◆ mb_factor

int mb_factor

◆ slice_gap

float slice_gap

◆ pulse_type

int pulse_type

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