Latest branch is feature/30beta (Aug 2023)

A new master branch is coming soon, supporting ESE releases 26.0 - 30.2

EPIC programming using KS Foundation

17-21 March 2025

@ Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

ABOUT KS Foundation

KS Foundation is a C-library with additional support functions and sequence modules for simpler pulse sequence programming on GE MR-systems using EPIC. The KSFoundation library acts as an abstraction layer, aiming at keeping information encapsulated and low-level EPIC functions hidden to the programmer. Everything compiles like standard EPIC using psdqmake and can be debugged in WTools, although in most cases the KSFoundation specific HTML plotting (above) is easier to use. The three sequences that come with this this framework have clinical functionality: ksepi.e, ksgre.e, and ksfse.e.

– The Neuro MR Physics group, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden